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Stoneware Gravity Purifier

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Stoneware Gravity Purifier WATERCO Residential Water Filter WATERCO Water Filter

Waterco Stoneware Gravity Purifier

Constructed from porcelain and attractively glazed, its classic features are designed to suit any decor. Simply fill the upper reservoir with water and let gravity do the rest.

Waterco Water Purifiers are able to significantly remove:

  • Bacteria and Cysts (E.coli, Giardia & Cryptosporidium)
  • Suspended Solids (dirt, rust and algae)
  • Chlorine (taste problems)
  • Hydrogen Sulphide (odor problems)
  • Organic Pesticides (lindame)Dissolved Metal

How the system should be first used
This simple unit does not require plumbing or electrical connections. It is able to significantly reduce suspended solid, microorganisms, chlorine, organic pesticides and offending tastes/ odours. A polyethylene container located at the top of the unit is fitted with Waterco Ceramic cartridge. Water is poured into the container and is filtered through the ceramic cartridge as it makes its way to the lower chamber. Before the Gravity Water Purifier Plus is used, allow approximately 4L of water to pass through the system to remove any fine granular activated carbon particles. These particles are harmless.

CZR canister preparation
Remove the CZR canister from its packaging. Soak the CZR canister in water overnight. Pour water into the canister and then stand it in water that is as deep as the height of the canister. This process will help wet the surface of the CZR and remove trapped air. Screw the CZR canister onto the container. Do not over screw the CZR canister, as the thread may break. The CZR canister, once activated, must not be allowed to dry out.

Important information
1. Gravity Water Purifier should filter approximately 1L/hour. If you are experiencing an unusually slow flow rate; soak the Waterco Ceramic Cartridge in a mug of water for 30 - 45 minutes with the plastic nozzle pointing upwards and above the water level. This procedure will remove trapped air in the cartridge.

2. Ensure that the filtered water is turned over at least once a day. To prevent algae, wipe the Gravity Water Purifier’s inner walls once a week.
3. The CZR media should never be allowed to dry out. There are two reasons for this:

a) The bacteriostatic effect ( of the CZR ) will be “ switched off “ if the filtered water is not physically kept in contact with the CZR.
b) The drying process will cause the CZR particles to adhere together. It will be difficult to pass water through such media as it has become “ blocked up “.
For these reasons, always top up the water in the filter.

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